A revolution in UVC disinfection

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Disinfection Visibility
A big skepticism around the UVC disinfection is that it’s not visible by the eye and people question how they should know what surfaces and spaces have been disinfected properly.
To bring Cleaning visibility, we integrated blue LED lights within each UV light to show the spots the disinfection is actively happening at each time point.
Real-time effective disinfection
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To Disinfect
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Recent studies show that the chance of getting infected by Covid is highest within the first 5 minutes.
However, far-UVC (222 nm) and upper room UV require 15-30 minutes to deactivate viruses, with exponential growth in time as the room gets larger and the ceiling gets higher.
AirSani is 20X more effective compared to existing UVC disinfecting solutions in reducing the chance of infection as it delivers real-time disinfection.
 AirSani is the only UVC disinfection solution for occupied spaces that that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously monitor, detect, and track health-risking events and deliver real-time and optimized disinfection within seconds to effectively control infection.
AirSani measures the relative position of health-risking incidents from the device, and respectively optimizes the dose, angle and time for effective disinfection.

Reliable and Safe

AirSani devices benefit from a multi-modal safety system that uses various sensors to create a 3d scan of the room to detect humans in the room and keep the active UVC disinfection away from them by utilizing advanced beam steering integrated into each UV light. This enables AirSani to offer real-time and effective UVC disinfection for occupied spaces.
This enables AirSani to offer real-time and effective UVC disinfection for occupied spaces.
Fully Customizable
Shyld Cloud Services brings the already powerful and effective disinfection by AirSani devices to the next level, unparalleled by any existing solution. By offering endless possibilities to define custom disinfection and exclusion zones, you can make your device clean anywhere you like, and avoid any region you may not want to shine UV on, such as sensitive devices or precious samples.

Actionable Insights

We collect each detection and disinfection log, aggregate them, compile them, and turn them into actionable insights. Our cloud services allow you to generate various visual reports such as temporal charts, or spatiotemporal heatmaps of infections, disinfection, and touches.

The art of science and engineering to keep you safe!

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to  continuously detect, and assess health-risking events, and devise our disinfection strategy case by case.


We use experimental data ta predict the distribution of germs and viruses over time and space, to improve our disinfection mapping.


Cohesiveness of the UV light is the key for effective UVC disinfection. Our optics are designed to deliver uniform UV lights at different distances.


Without advanced electronics and edge computing, there would be no AI to detect events, no optics to disinfect, and no beam steering to track and target germs.

Computer Science

Our advanced software algorithms blend sensor readouts from different devices and communicate them to our servers and other devices, to create a multi-dimensional readouts.

Data Science

We turn massive amounts of data into simple, understandable, and actionable insights to bring your safety and awareness to the next level.

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