Shyld Platform


Bringing Infection Prevention To The Next Level

Stay on the top of your game in controlling infection within your organization through an intuitive and comprehensive infection monitoring tools.

Analytics Dashboard

One Dashboard, Unlimited Insights
See and track all your organization’s infection and disinfection reports in one place.
You can select any report and see an in-depth analysis for each device, building, floor, and room over time.

Customizable UV Disinfection Areas

Defining NO-UV Zones
You can customize your UV disinfection areas and define unlimited stop zones within each room to prevent UV exposure on your samples or equipment. 
Limit Disinfection To Certain Areas
Define individual UV disinfection zones within each room. This feature allows you to limit your disinfection footprint within desired areas.

Manage all your devices in one place

You can manage, access, monitor, and configure all your devices in one place through Shyld Platform.
See analytics, reports, logs, and more for each device, all in one place.
Define disinfection and NO-UV zones with a few clicks
Generate various reports to gain insights about the device performance.
Configure, start, stop and update your device with just a few clicks.

Various Modes of Operation

By default, AirSani devices start the disinfection process as soon as the room becomes empty.


People may have different disinfection needs, room setups, etc. That’s why we offer various modes of operation to maximize the efficiency of disinfection for each room in your organization.

 Intelligent Upper Room

In this mode, AirSani constantly monitors the location of individuals and disinfects aerosols and droplets that airflow brings towards their overhead space in real-time.

Easily select your desired mode of operation for each individual device through the Shyld platform.

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