Aid health care system to keep safe from HIS (Healthcare-associated infection)
hospital HIS disinfection

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are infections that people get while they’re receiving treatment for other conditions. HAIs can happen in any health care facility; hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, end-stage renal disease facilities, and long-term care facilities. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, or other, less common pathogens can cause HAIs.

HAIs are a significant cause of illness and death — and they can have serious emotional, financial, and medical consequences.

Studies show that 5-10% of all patients contract at least one hospital-acquired infection during their stay in an acute care hospital. This number is much higher, about 38%, among patients who have surgeries. Therefore, both daily perioperative and terminal cleaning of the operating room environment is vital to minimize the number of microorganisms, dust, and organic debris present in the environment.

However, standard cleaning procedures by humans alone are not completely effective in reducing the number of these microorganisms, as there are many blind spots or unreachable areas such as walls and ceilings. AirSani by Shyld offers an effective, low-cost, and safe UV sanitization technology that can be easily installed in indoor spaces to actively detect and disinfect the air and surfaces in high-risk zones in real-time. The intelligent, proactive disinfection offered by AirSani can aid hospitals to effectively stop the spread of various pathogens and specifically nosocomial pathogens.

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