How to stop the spread of respiratory diseases?

Some parts of the world felt a surge of optimism in the spring, as vaccination rates were climbing and COVID-19 cases dropping. Those regions now face the disappointment of a reversal, due to the spread of new and emerging variants such as the Delta variant. Such whiplash is starting to feel like a way of life for people everywhere, as well as for industries including retail, and healthcare.

While the vaccines used in Western countries remain highly effective at preventing severe disease due to COVID-19, recent data from Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States have raised new questions about the ability of these vaccines to prevent infection from emerging variants.

Allowing for the risk of another new variant and the compound societal risk of a high burden of influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, and other winter respiratory diseases, the question for these countries will be whether they manage to arrive at a different epidemiological endpoint.

The need for the deployment of prevention solutions that can reduce the transmission of airborne viruses has become more vital for controlling the spread of new variants.

Large scale use of Shyld’s AI-enabled targeted disinfection as the first layer of protection against contagious diseases is the key to preventing the spread of emerging viruses. Shyld combines cutting-edge AI with UVC disinfection to actively disinfect the areas exposed to aerosols of individuals by tracking them and identifying the spaces that could contain their breaths. This real-time disinfection significantly reduces the chance of virus transmission between individuals in indoor spaces.

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