Packed with Sensors and an Onboard GPU

The Only Fully Autonomous UV-C Technology

Autonomy enabled by various sensing technologies.

Precision Sanitization Technology

The directional UV-C beam is steered and pointed at hot spots in the room to eliminate potential infection risks.

Digital Twin for Every Room

Each device builds a live  digital twin of the room using 3D scanning, cameras and microphone.

Federated Learning on the Edge

Onboard GPU for edge AI training and learning, and additional application development

Why Shyld?

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Single Device Setup

A single Shyld device is generally sufficient for disinfecting high-touch surfaces in each room.

Multi-Device Setup

In areas such as surgical sites, installing Shyld in three or four different corners is recommended to ensure coverage of the entire room and avoid shadowing.

Shyld Platform

Monitor, manage, and control all your devices through Shyld Platform