Packed with high precision sensors for enhanced safety and accuracy
Advanced Beam Steering
Our advanced beam steering technology ensures that real-time disinfection happens far from individuals to ensure safe disinfection.
An Array of sensors working in harmony

A camera, an IR detector, pyroelectric sensors, ToF modules, and a microphone work together to constantly monitor the environment to ensure safe disinfection.

Intelligently Powerful

Powered by Nvidia Jetson Xavier, our state-of-the-art AI tracks all health-risking events and assesses the associated risks in real-time.


Intelligent Orchestration of Sensors

Wide-angle Camera​

The wide-angle camera on the AirSani ensures a wide field of view and works with our AI brain to detect individuals, movements, and mask-wearing status. We never collect personally identifiable data EVER!


AirSani's microphone sends the environmental noise to our system to detect cough & sneeze in real-time. But no voice and speech recording ever!

IR Sensors

Not only detecting the body temperature of individuals in the room, AirSani's IR also adds another layer of safety to ensure disinfection stops once somebody approaches the safe perimeter around the active disinfection zone.

A proactive, smart, and safe shield

to stop person-to-person
transmission of diseases

AirSani devices disinfect the spaces between people to keep them safe from airborne viruses,  while they ensure individuals are at a safe distance from UV beams.
1, 2, 3, 100, ...
There is no limit on safe and effective disinfection offered by AirSani devices
Whether you pick a single AirSani device or a fleet of hundred devices, you get the same effective and safe disinfection, but at different scales.
Our cloud-based device orchestration  ensures all your AirSani devices work in harmony toward the same mission:
“Keeping you safe!”
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