Real-time UVC Disinfection

Once the aerosols carrying the Covid virus are released into the air, the chance of getting infected is 90% within the first 20 minutes, with the highest chance of infection within the first 5 minutes. AirSani by Shyld is the only UVC solution for occupied spaces that can stop the person-to-person transmission of diseases by offering real-time UVC disinfection that can disinfect the environment within seconds.

AirSani reduces the chance of infection by 20X compared to the existing UV solutions based on far-UV and upper room UV.

UVC Disinfection Solution for Occupied Spaces
Why you should choose AirSani over other UVC solutions?
AirSani is the only UVC disinfection solution that effectively stops transmission of disease.
UVC disinfection solutions based on far-UVC (222 nm) and upper room UV typically require 15-30 min to deactivate viruses. Additionally, the disinfection time exponentially increases as the room gets larger and the ceiling gets higher. However, the recent studies show that the chance of getting infected has the highest risk within the first 5 min. AirSani is the only UVC disinfection solution for occupied spaces that delivers real-time disinfection and effectively controls infection. The video below shows how AirSani is 20X more effective compared to existing solutions in keeping you safe.

AirSani can be easily
installed in any indoor space

The art of science and engineering to keep you safe!

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to  continuously detect, and assess health-risking events, and devise our disinfection strategy case by case.


We use experimental data ta predict the distribution of germs and viruses over time and space, to improve our disinfection mapping.


Cohesiveness of the UV light is the key for effective UVC disinfection. Our optics are designed to deliver uniform UV lights at different distances.


Without advanced electronics and edge computing, there would be no AI to detect events, no optics to disinfect, and no beam steering to track and target germs.

Computer Science

Our advanced software algorithms blend sensor readouts from different devices and communicate them to our servers and other devices, to create a multi-dimensional readouts.

Data Science

We turn massive amounts of data into simple, understandable, and actionable insights to bring your safety and awareness to the next level.

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