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 Autonomous UV-C Disinfection

AI-Powered Monitoring Paired with
Precision and Targeted Autonomous Sanitization

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An Intelligent, Reliable Guardian
We employ state of the art AI and optics to revolutionize indoor air and surface disinfection to keep patients and staff safe.
AI-enabled UV-C Disinfection for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Automatically detects and evaluates risks in real-time


Disinfecting touched surfaces starts right after room becomes vacant


Detects humans in real-time and keeps risks away from them

Targeted and directional disinfection significantly reduces room disinfection time

Fully autonomous operation significantly eliminates labor for UV-C disinfection. 


Frequent updates ensure that your device always adapts to your needs

Making UV-C Sanitization More Accessible with AI and Automation
Decentralized UV-C Disinfection
Accessible at any time of the day and throughout the facility for frequent sanitization.

Filling the gaps between room occupancy with UV-C disinfection to enhance room utilization while keeping high-touch surfaces sanitized.
Actionable Insights
With a comprehensive analytics dashboard bring your infection management to the next level
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