Intelligent detection of health-risking events and real-time estimation of the associated risks


Proactive disinfection of air and surfaces in high-risk zones to stop the disease transmission chain


Real-time human detection and tracking ensures the safety of individuals during the sanitization process

Air & Surface Disinfection For Occupied Indoor Spaces

IAirSani devices are equipped with an array of smart sensors that constantly monitor the surrounding environment for certain events that may spread the virus.

Our state-of-the-art AI system assesses the risk associate
with each event and calculates the optimal dose and time
for safe, effective disinfection.



Once the high-risk person moves away, the active beam steering system in AirSani devices focuses the UV-C light on the infected areas to sanitize the air and surface. The array of
sensors in AirSani devices along with multi-object tracking
algorithms ensure a safe disinfection process.

We employ AI, optics, electronics, and fluidics to revolutionize the indoor air and surface disinfection to keep you safe!
Breaking the chain of infection
AirSani devices work in harmony to create a safe environment by stopping the viruses from spreading in indoor spaces.
Why AirSani?

Using cutting edge AI, AirSani detects and scores potentially contaminated areas and surfaces, and calculates the optimal disinfection intensity and time.


AirSani is equipped with advanced human, and UV reflection detection to avoid exposing people to UV-C.


Real-time & Efficient

Relying on our safety algorithms and mechanisms, AirSani employs advanced active beam steering to provide real time and efficient disinfection, to avoid person-to-person transmission.


It only takes seconds to sanitize the infected surfaces.

Easy To Install

 With only 120W of power consumption, AirSani devices can be easily added to any room without any electrical modifications.

Future Proof

With advanced and continuously evolving software stay on top of your game in fighting current and emerging diseases.

Rome wasn’t built in a day
We have come a long way
Sq.ft disinfected areas
Hours of AI training

Safety  where it matters the most

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